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Gerry's FS2000 / FS2002 Aircraft Collection


Bucker Jungmeister BU133 scale 3 views

Download these 3 views of the Bucker Jungmeister to use on your next modeling project!!

Bevo Howard's Biographycal Page

This a great page written by Bevo Howard's own son, Beverly. It contains rare photos and a detailed chronology of this great pilot's career...

Steve Beaver's Bucker Page

Steve has created a fantastic web site for Bucker pilots, collectors, enthusiasts etc. Lots of specs, engine and airframe maintenance and procurement, parts sources, invaluable resources and links to everything and anything related to Bucker airplanes. A MUST BOOKMARK!!.

Bucker Aircraft Museum ( in german )

Online informational web site about the Bucker Aircraft Museum with many links and varied content related to Bucker aircraft.

Jesus Ballester's Bucker Prado web site

Jesus Ballester has created a page that details the modern day Bucker operations at Prado Spain. They are producing Jungmann and Jungmeister kits that are exact replicas of the originals by using licensed plans from C.A.S.A. Spain. Lots of historical data as well as detailed info on the different engines that are used on the Buckers.

Bucker Drawings

German web page that has 3 View Scale Drawings of Buckers. Great reference for Scale Modeling!!

Vans Aircraft

Link to Vans Aircraft web site. Creators of the RV-6A and other kits. Contains information, specs, prices and 3 view drawings of the whole line of homebuilts.



In my opinion, one of the world's largest Flight Sim web sites. Here you will find downloadable aircraft, panels, scenery etc. for FS Flight Sims, X Plane, FLY and others plus forums, FAQ's, How to articles etc.


Paul Koopman's web site with lots of information about civil and military aviation. Site contains numerous aviation related photos.