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Gerry's FS2000 / FS2002 Aircraft Collection

Bucker 131 Jungmann


Bucker 131 "Jungmann" FS2000/FS2002 Downloads



NEW Jungmann. This is a very accurate model of the Lycoming powered Jungmann 131 widely popular for it's reliability and performance. The model has been enhanced by the addition of the wide cowling, sporty wheel pants and a new and fun virtual cockpit. Of course the now standard animated surfaces, smoke system and excellent handling have been retained. Enjoy your flight!!.

click here to download file ( 580KB)



This model has been significantly improved based on 3 view drawings of the actual 131. Visually accurate and better handling makes it a must download. Look out for numerous variations coming out in the near future...go ahead, take it up for a "spin"!!

click here to download file (300KB)



Yellow Bucker 131 Jungmann with swiss trainer markings. Features animated ailerons, elevator, rudder and prop. Also includes a custom panel. My daughter Nicole is the fortunate trainee flying on the front seat!!. Original Model and Textures by: Gerry R. Rivera

click here to download file (210kb)



This is a model of the 131 owned by Mr. Doedo Schipper of Longmont, Colorado. It is a CASA (Spain) built Jungmann with a 150 HP Tigre engine. Model has fully animated flying surfaces, custom panel and a beautifully modeled wooden prop. Mr. and Mrs. Schipper on board!!. Original Model and Textures by: Gerry R. Rivera.

click here to download file (242kb)